Artist Statement


I grew up in Paris and in Tel Aviv where I now live and work. I earned my BFA degree from the Photography Department of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. At present I work as an independent artist after having been represented by the Chelouche Art Gallery in Tel Aviv for 10 years.
My works integrate direct and staged photography and are usually composed of series according to subject. Often the series is built in a raveled manner, as a single whole while, at other times, it is unraveled. I use the balcony of my apartment as a studio for my staged projects. My straight photography projects are based on the practice of wandering, first in Tel Aviv, and recently on the Israeli periphery. I discovered the possibility of transforming these public spaces into an endless studio. The materials I photograph in the street are not the outcome of a random look or a simple glance but rather an investigation of  the public space through an ironic, critical gaze with a socio-political perspective.
I examine subjects such as, Family or The Israeli longing for America, and the mechanism of idealization they activate. At the same time, Itry to point out aspects that we, as a society, prefer not to see, such as: sexual abuse, power relations, gender bias, and the Israeli occupation.
My works shift from the private into the public sphere. This practice of moving back and forth from the personal, individual into the social or public took root in my book, Family Meal, published in 2007 by Am-Oved publications. Most of my projects, including Family Meal, can be defined as a diary. This format gives me the freedom to combine photographs of various subjects that could not be linked together in any other way. The diary also enables the integration of text as well as the linkage between the essential and the marginal, "high" and "low" esthetics, between the poetic, the pathetic, and the political.
When I completed my studies at Bezalel, I researched, for a decade, the concept of the Family album as representing our yearning for happiness and the fantasy of an idyllic family. I created several bodies of work in which I examined the family album from different angles, autobiographic and universalistic, looking at its façade versus the fissures in it.
In recent years, I have been photographing a special project for the Facebook platform, which I research as an alternative exhibition space and as a virtual studio. It is a diary based on wandering, where I explore questions mainly about gender and  the Israeli public sphere,looking for visual, social, and political signs that penetrate it. The format of social networks allows me to engage in a dialogue with the viewers. In this process that has been going on for over seven years, my work Homeland was created. It is an interim summary of my observation of the Israeli public sphere from a political and social point of view.
The project I am currently working on, called Being Here, was born out of the desire to expand my research beyond Tel Aviv, where I live, to all over the country. The framework I have created is a one-week sojourn in each community, and the works created in this framework combine photographs and texts from meetings with local people. I create a kind of an Artist in Residency pathway in Israel.


1982-1986 - Photography, B.F.A, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
1981-1982 - Psychology and Art history, Haifa University
1980-1981 - Photography, Camera Obscura School of Art, Tel Aviv


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 - "Homeland", Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art
2014 - "Qalandiya", The Artists House, Tel Aviv
2013 - "Within Walking Distance", Contemporary by Golconda Art Gallery, Tel Aviv 
2010 - "Scrabble", Chelouche Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv 
2005 - "Home Cooking", Chelouche Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv 
2002 - "Visual Diaries", Chelouche Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv  
2000 - "Voices", Chelouche Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv 
1999 - "Trees", Chelouche Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv
1992 - "Journey-Epiphanies", Kalisher Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv
1990 - Bograshov Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv


Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 - "Utopia Hotel", Fresh Paint fair, Tel Aviv
2019 - "Prom", Fresh Paint fair, Tel Aviv
2018 - "Flower Power", Circle1 Gallery, Berlin
2018 - "Flower Power", Am Rathaus Gallery, Norderstedt
2018 - "Free Entrance", kav 16 Gallery, Tel Aviv
2017 - "Aiming for Touch (down)", P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv
2016 - "Rock, Paper and Scissors", Haifa Museum youth wing, Haifa
2016 - "Quest", Benyamini Center, Tel Aviv, Museum of Photography, Tel-Hai
2014 -"Mazal U'Bracha|Luck and a Blessing", Beit Hatfutsot Jewish Museum, Tel Aviv
2014 - "Quartet", Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv
2014 - "Journeys", The Israel Museum youth wing, Jerusalem  
2012 - "Portraits of Cain", Ben Gurion University Gallery, Beer Sheva  
2011 - "Schooling", Bat Yam Museum of Contemporary Art, Bat Yam
2010 - "Family Files", Jewish Museum, Munich 2011 -
2010 - "Re-Location", Chelouche Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2009 - "Final Edition", Ben Gurion University Gallery, Beer Sheva
2008 - "Language & Gender", Artneuland Gallery, Berlin
2005 - "Beauty And The Book", The Israel Museum youth wing, Jerusalem
2003 - "Pablic Domain", Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2002 - The Minister of Culture Award Winners, Tel Aviv Museum of Art  
2002 - Art Forum, Berlin     
2002 - "A Question of Taste", The Israel Museum youth wing, Jerusalem 
2002 - "Diaries", Chelouche Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv 
2000 - "Photo-Fest", Margollis Gallery, Houston
1998 - "Distortions", School of Art, Nime
1998 - "The Lesser Light", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1998 - "Condition Report", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1993 - "Black", limbus Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv
1992 - "New Directions in Israeli Photography", The Artists House, Jerusalem


Artist Books and catalogs

2019 - Published  the book, "Homeland,"  following the solo exhibision at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art. 
2013 - Published the catalog, "Within Walking Distance,"  following  the solo exhibition at the Contemporary by Golconda Gallery in Tel-Aviv 
2007 - Published the Artist Book, "Family Meal,"  Am Oved Publications

Works in catalogs and books

2019 - "Scene of Events" exhibition catalog, Herzliya Museum
2014 - "Myth and Prejudice" exhibition catalog, Beit Hatfutsot Museum, Tel Aviv
2011 - "Schooling" exhibition catalog, the Bat-Yam Museum
2010 - "Family Files" exhibition catalog, Jewish Museum, Munich
2008 - "Limbus", Hakibbutz Hameuchad publisher
2003 - "The land's Potographers", by Guy Raz, Hakibbutz Hameuchad publisher


2002 - Israel Ministry of Culture Prize for the Encouragement of Visual Arts
1985 - America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship

Selected collections

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
The Herzliya Museum, Herzeliya
The Bat-Yam Museum, Bat-yam
The O.R.S. Art Collection
The Comme il Faut Art Collection
Private Collections