Re-Location, group exhibition, Chelouche Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv, 2010. Curator: Nira Itzaki
The Transference series
Lately, I received as a gift a box from the Design Museum in London, the same game that I had played with when I was a child. The box contained cardboard cutout figures of two adults, three children, two dogs and many different articles of clothing and hairdos which are used to create various family types. For this exhibition, I photographed five staged scenes in black and white , representing four different types of families, each facing the camera. The frontal view reflects the way families usually pose for their family albums.
By projecting their own background history, personality and culture onto the photographs, the viewer charges them with meaning. As in projective psychological tests, there are as many interpretations as there are viewers.
All the cardboard figures are blank forms lacking signs of definite age or gender. Only by adding clothing, hairdos and constructing a world around them are they imbued with gender, age and character.
Although these two-dimensional figures with no legs stand on cardboard bases, choosing clothing, hairdos and different backgrounds create a real-life atmosphere and show relationships. The viewer tends to weave a personal story around each photograph.